Answers to frequently asked questions at Northwest ENT and Allergy Center.

Our Facility and Procedures

Where is the facility located?

The Northwest ENT Surgery Center is located in Woodstock, GA, which is about ½ hour north of Atlanta.

May I stay overnight?

We provide outpatient services only.

How long will the surgery take?

Surgery time ranges from a few minutes to one hour or more. Most patients are ready to leave within three hours after arrival.

What type of anesthesia do you use?

We use general anesthesia for almost all ENT procedures.

Who provides anesthesia?

Board certified anesthesiologists exclusively provide anesthesia services.

Are there any students or surgeons in training?


What is the rate of infection at the facility?

Our rate of infection is extremely low, well below the national average for outpatient surgical facilities. Limited to ENT procedures, exposure and contamination from other types of surgical procedures is not possible.

Is Northwest ENT Surgery Center accredited?

Our new, modern facility is fully accredited with commendation by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission requires the highest standard of any credentialing organization for hospitals and surgery centers.

What is the process for out of town patients?

Northwest ENT Surgery Center encourages anyone in need of an ENT surgical procedure to contact us at (678) 483-8833. A staff member will be on hand to discuss your case.

You will also need to sign a release for any related medical records and send them to our office by email, fax, CD, or mail. Once one of our physicians have reviewed your records, a scheduling staff member will contact you.

You must arrive the day before the procedure to complete an office consultation with your surgeon and complete your registration. Offices are located in Atlanta, Marietta, Woodstock, Canton and Cartersville, GA. Pre-operative CT and ultrasound testing are available at selected office locations as needed. Lab tests, chest X-rays, and EKGs are not usually necessary for these types of outpatient procedures. We recommend an overnight stay in the area after any surgical procedure.

We recommend that you anticipate staying the night prior to your surgery and the evening after your procedure is performed, as follow-up recommendations vary for each procedure. There are many nearby hotel options, the Holiday Inn Express in Woodstock offers a special rate for out of town patients. Just mention Northwest ENT and Allergy Center when you book.

Holiday Inn Express Woodstock
Address: 1470 Woodstock Pkwy, Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: (770) 592-4438

Insurance and Payment

Do you bill insurance?

Northwest ENT Surgery Center will bill services as requested by the patient based on verification of coverage, determination of deductible and co-insurance balances and receipt of necessary authorizations for services as required by each individual insurance payer.

Only facility fees will be billed to the patient’s insurance as both the surgeon and anesthesia providers will bill separately for their services. The center will not bill an insurance payer or release medical information for any patient choosing the “Package Price” option.

What is included in the package price option?

The listed price includes any and all services related to the procedure including:

  • Office Consultation prior to surgery
  • In-Office Testing
  • Surgeon’s Fees
  • Anesthesiologist Services
  • Facility services and supplies
  • Pathology Lab Fees
  • Routine Post Operative Checks and Phone Calls

The package price cash option does not apply for insurance claims as these services are all billed separately.

What is not included in the package price option?

The rare unexpected transfer or admission to a hospital for treatment of a surgical complication is not included. Our physicians are on staff at nearby hospitals that offer significantly discounted prices for patients without insurance.

What is the payment policy for the package price option?

Payment for package priced procedures must be made in full at the time the surgery is performed. You may pay for services in cash, certified/bank check, credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover). Financing options are available thru Care Credit™ for those patients who qualify.

How are you able to offer surgery at relatively low cost?

Direct pricing eliminates the administrative costs and efforts associated with health insurance claim processing. Our center has extensive experience in our specialty and is able to provide cost-effective high-quality care.

Can the cash price option expenses be applied to my deductible?

Terms and conditions of insurance plans vary. Please contact your individual insurance carrier for further information. Even for plans that will not apply these expenses to a deductible, our cash price option is usually a better choice.

How can cash surgery pricing be a better option than using my insurance benefits?

Cash pricing offers those with no insurance or anyone choosing not to use insurance a reasonably priced option for outpatient surgery. Anyone with a high deductible insurance plan or coinsurance can save thousands of dollars by choosing our cash price option. For further information, see our all-inclusive cash pricing.

For further information, contact Northwest ENT Surgery Center at (678) 483-8833.