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Located in the metro Atlanta area, Northwest ENT and Allergy Center is a state-of-the-art facility specializing in otolaryngology. Our providers evaluate and treat both adult and pediatric patients for a wide range of ear, nose, throat, and neck conditions. At Northwest ENT and Allergy Center, our board certified physicians and compassionate nursing staff work together to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care for all of your ENT needs. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized medical care at each of our locations.
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  • I was sent to Dr. Parikh after my family physician found a lump on my neck. I immediately felt like I was in good hands the moment I met him. Unfortunately, what he found was tonsil cancer and I had a long, hard road ahead of me. He performed my surgery and was with me every step of the way and still is now that I am cancer free!! I have always been treated so well at his office and I have been there many, many times over the last two years. I would highly recommend Dr. Parikh & Northwest ENT. I am so thankful that I was sent to him. Anita C., Woodstock, GA
  • Dr. Ingley has fabulous bedside manner. Great office staff too. My husband is a very satisfied patient of Dr. Ingley as well! Great ENT's! Robin H
  • Dr. Ryan Kauffman is incredible. In one visit, he solved a problem with my ear for which I'd been seeing an allergist and another ENT for a year! I just had my second visit, and the problem is completely resolved. Dr. Kauffman sees children and adults, and I plan to see and refer to him from now on. His nursing, audiology and office staff are also kind and professional. Thank you! Meredith B., Woodstock GA