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Holiday Season Health

With Fall in the works, and Winter fast approaching, families and friends are getting prepared to spend the holidays together. As the seasons change, so do the Ears, Nose, and Throat ailments that one can experience. By following the suggestions below, you can optimize your health and enjoy the festive times ahead.

The Fall is a wonderful time of the year for outdoor activities with the cooler temperatures beckoning us to enjoy Mother Nature. If you are an allergic individual, this time last year can be one of the more challenging. Before you go on your next Hayride, you can take a couple of easy precautions to minimize your allergy symptoms. Take your allergy medications regularly. This includes your nasal and oral steroids and antihistamines. Several of these medications require at least 2 weeks for maximum effectiveness, so regular use is crucial. The next step is to cleanse yourself of the offending allergens. After being outdoors, jump in the shower and rinse your nose out with an over-the-counter nasal saline spray. As simple as they may seem, the above precautions can significantly improve the quality of life.

As the year progresses to Winter, Georgians in the mid and northern parts of the state are subject to freezing and below temperatures, warranting us to blare the heat while indoors. This dry heat can take a toll on our sinonasal passages, aggravating sinus infections and nose bleeds. You can battle this by keeping your nose moist with a once-daily nasal saline spray or gel followed by sleeping with a humidifier can improve the health of your nose.

It is time to enjoy the holiday season you have worked all year for. If the above advice does not work for you, our physicians are ready and willing to help!