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Classic Classroom Conditions

As another first day of school is finally here, children are excited to reunite with friends and ready to meet new academic challenges.

However, ear, nose and throat illnesses are common in children and may hinder academic performance and affect school attendance. Ensuring your children are healthy heading into the school year is a great way to guarantee they will hit the ground running.

Ear infections are the most common illness for which antibiotics are prescribed in children. Recurrent ear infections can lead to school absences, missed days of work for parents, and frequent trips to the doctor's office. Persistent fluid behind the eardrum, even in the absence of an active infection, can have an adverse effect on hearing. Children who are unable to hear well in the classroom can have difficulty paying attention, resulting in poor academic performance. An early evaluation by one of Northwest ENT's physicians can resolve these issues before they become chronic. We can help diagnose and treat conditions quickly to get your children back to focusing on school and spending time with family and friends.