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This procedure involves reconstructing the ear drum (tympanoplasty) as well as opening the mastoid bone to resolve chronic infection. It is performed by making small incisions inside the ear canal as well as an incision behind the ear. The eardrum is reconstructed using a graft from under the skin.

After Surgery

Surgery takes approximately 2 hours, with most patients ready to leave 3 to 4 hours after arrival. Pain is relatively mild (Pain Score: 3/10 for the first 3 days), but this will resolve gradually over the next 5 days.

The ear bandage may be removed 2 days after surgery. Any sutures used are absorbable and do not need removal. Hearing gradually improves over several weeks.

Out of town patients are cleared for travel the next day. Follow-up with an ENT specialist is necessary 1 to 2 weeks after surgery and should be scheduled prior to the procedure.

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