Reconstructive Surgery

ENT reviewing reconstructive surgery options with patient on tablet

We offer reconstructive services for nasal fractures, facial trauma, ear deformities, skin lesions, and scar revision.

Our reconstructive surgeons offer a variety of services to help reshape or correct structures of the face, head, and/or neck.

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Nasal Fractures

A nasal fracture is a break or crack in one of your two nasal bones and is a very common injury. 

Broken noses can frequently be repaired with no incisions by repositioning the bones to avoid a permanent crooked appearance.

Facial Trauma

Trauma to the face can affect both appearance and function. 

Broken facial bones can be repositioned and stabilized with surgery when necessary. Incisions can be placed in hidden or strategic locations to minimize or eliminate any external facial scars. 

A complete head and neck exam along with CT scanning are usually required to fully evaluate the extent of the trauma and allow for effective treatment planning.

Ear Deformities

Otoplasty can correct protruding or misshapen ears in both children and adults. 

For protruding ears, the ears are repositioned more closely to the head creating a more balanced appearance. 

For a misshapen ear or a “lop ear” deformity, the ear is reshaped to a more natural and symmetric appearance. 

In children, otoplasty is generally recommended at age five or six (before beginning school).

Skin Lesions

Skin lesions can range from benign blemishes to malignant skin cancers. 

A complete examination of the head and neck, combined with an evaluation of the skin, is important to appropriately diagnose, evaluate and treat skin lesions. 

For large skin lesions or cancers, especially on the face, nose, or ears, reconstructive surgery is frequently required to restore a functional and cosmetically acceptable appearance.

Scar Revision

Facial scars can occur from surgery, injury or acne. The appearance of scars frequently improves over time as the body heals. 

While scars cannot be removed completely, they frequently can be made less visible or repositioned surgically -- depending on skin color, skin type, age and type of scar.

*Please be advised these services are provided pending insurance coverage.