Alzheimer and Brain Awareness month

Did you know that June was Alzheimer and Brain Awareness month? That posed a great opportunity to educate patients on the connection between hearing loss and cognitive function. Many don’t realize that the brain is constantly processing and reacting to sounds. Thus, when hearing loss occurs, the connections in the brain that respond to sound start to reorganize and function differently. This can contribute to the prevalence of dementia in senior citizens as they age. Fortunately, hearing aids can help maintain cognitive function by providing sound stimulation. The brain will automatically reorganize its connections and correctly react to sounds it had been missing.

Audiology Staff

Northwest Audiology Staff
The Northwest Audiology Department works with senior citizens every day in hopes that we can prevent or decrease cognitive decline. Our audiologists all have the same goal: to reduce the stresses and burdens of hearing loss through advanced, comfortable hearing technology. Any and all patients will receive a personalized hearing strategy and the highest quality of care possible.