Allergy Diagnosis

Many people suffer with allergies because the cause of their symptoms has not been properly identified. Patients often assume that they suffer from chronic sinusitis, postnasal drainage, coughing, and other respiratory ailments without being tested for particular allergens. A proper allergy diagnosis should be made by a professional who can develop a specific treatment plan to minimize, and possibly even eliminate, these symptoms.

Allergy Diagnosis at Northwest ENT and Allergy Center

During the initial consultation at Northwest ENT and Allergy Center, one of our ENT physicians will review the patient’s medical history, family medical history and any current or past symptoms. In order to properly diagnose allergies, one of our physicians may order allergy testing. Skin testing is typically ordered. In some cases, blood testing may be recommended in addition to or in lieu of skin testing. The results of skin testing are available immediately for review. Blood testing results are available in 5-7 days. The physicians and staff will review the testing in detail with the patients.

The video below shows how a routine skin test is performed to diagnose allergies at Northwest ENT and Allergy Center. It is a non-invasive procedure that tests for the reaction of each allergen in a panel.

Allergy Testing Step 1, Skin Prick Testing

Allergy Testing Step 2, Modified Quantitative Testing